Iran and Azerbaijan are linked by friendly and good-neighborly relations, which have been enshrined in the agreements signed by the two countries, Leyla Abdullayeva, spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, told reporters on Oct. 26.

Abdullayeva was commenting on the information that Iran has brought military equipment to the border with Azerbaijan and Armenia.

“Thus, according to the Agreement on the Principles of Friendship and Cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iran, signed in 2002, the borders between the two countries were declared friendly borders and are based on the principles of respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of international borders,” the spokesperson added.

Abdullayeva stressed that the Iranian side was notified of the liberation of the occupied Azerbaijani territories and taking of the state border with Iran under full control, as well as the transfer of the border line under the control of the Azerbaijani State Border Service.

“The effective cooperation has been established between Azerbaijan and Iran in the field of border security,” the spokesperson said. “We believe that this cooperation will continue on the basis of mutual trust at border checkpoints in the liberated territories.”