The relevant bodies of Azerbaijan and Afghanistan are exploring ways to bring Afghan students admitted to Azerbaijani universities to the country, chief of International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Tural Ahmadov said.

He reminded that Afghan borders are closed, and the activities of most embassies are restricted.

“Part of Afghan students are in our country. However, what we are concerned about is the fate of newly admitted students. For example, if Azerbaijan Languages University admitted ten Afghan students, how would they come to the country? Today, Afghanistan is not on the list of 42 countries for which Azerbaijan opened its borders. We are interested even in the arrival of one student from any Afghan country since attracting international students is an investment. Because they live here and spend money. In this context, we have not received any precise information. We do not know whether they will be able to come or not, under which conditions, and when they will come. Therefore, we are just waiting,” he said.