Annual meeting of shareholders of the International Pipeline Enterprise Sarmatia will be held on July 11 in Warsaw, General Director at Sarmatia Sergei Skripka told Report.

According to him, the issue on approval of operation report of the Enterprise for 2018, increase of authorized capital of Sarmatia will be discussed at the meeting.

He said that current authorized capital is 25,482,500 Polish Zloty (PLN) or EUR 6,221,465. The authorized capital is planned to increase by PLN 1.391 million or EUR 340,000.

According to him, the increase of the authorized capital is aimed at ensuring the current operation of the enterprise.

Skripka also noted that ecological permit for construction of the Brody-Adamova Zastava pipeline is planned to be extended this year: “This document was issued in 2013 for six years, with the further extension for four more years. We intend to extend this permit for four more years. If the permit is not extended, the company will have to pass all procedures again.”