The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is organising a Keys to Financial Management workshop for women entrepreneurs as part of its Women in Business Programme, which is funded by the EBRD, the European Union’s EU4Business Initiative, Sweden, the EBRD Early Transition Countries Fund and the EBRD Small Business Impact Fund, Report informs.

The EBRD supports women entrepreneurs who want to develop their business skills and understand key financial concepts to help their businesses grow. In that context, the Keys to Financial Management workshop will be delivered in two sessions, first on 17-18 April and then on 20-21 May 2019. Fifteen women entrepreneurs representing various sectors of the economy will attend the workshop.

The Keys to Financial Management workshop is based on international best practice and expert knowledge. It aims at creating an awareness of the importance of financial management while improving knowledge on financial management and increased profitability and targets women who want to develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills and learn how to use innovative tools to grow their businesses. The workshop is interactive and includes practical exercises and real life examples, taking the participants through enterprise finance from beginning to end. The sessions will enable the women participants to understand how to use financial planning for their business planning and distinguish between financial planning and accounting.

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“We firmly believe that women’s entrepreneurship plays an important role in creating jobs and driving economic growth. That’s why, in our countries of operation, we help women entrepreneurs succeed and be more engaged in business” commented Jeff Ferry, Associate Director, EBRD Advisory Regional Head for Eastern Europe and Caucasus.