Armenia’s State Revenue Committee has identified a chain of drug supply in postal parcels. In total, more than 4 kg of marijuana, 24 grams of hashish oil and 66 grams of cocaine were confiscated, Report informs referring to Sputnik Armenia.

Employees of the State Revenue Committee and the National Security Service inspected courier parcels from the US at one of the private cargo terminals in Yerevan.

In addition to personal items, two packages of marijuana and hashish oil were found in the parcels.

Three citizens of Armenia were detained. The identity of the sender of the parcels has been established. It was also established that there are several more such “parcels” on the way to Armenia.

A few days later, in the next batch of parcels, which the operatives had already waited for, packages with 1,035 and 492 grams of marijuana were found.

Finally, the third time, two more bags of marijuana arrived, each weighing 530 grams.