Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev gave another warning to Armenia.

“My word is still in force. If they [Armenians] move from these statements to any practical action, they will immediately be destroyed. No one can defend them. Let them not rely on anyone. They had long been proud of their “victorious and strong” army,” President Aliyev said in an interview with Azerbaijan Television on Monday.

Answering a journalist’s question that on May 8, a number of government and opposition forces in Armenia voiced revanchist statements about the return of Shusha, the head of state noted that Armenia has neither the strength, nor the will, nor the moral right to speak about revanchism.   

“This is suicide for them. I want to reiterate that we are still following these statements. In Armenia, almost all pro-government, opposition elements are voicing their opinions about the return of Shusha and Hadrut. So far, we are showing restraint. But let them not play with fire, they saw our iron fist. This fist still remains in place. No one can resist us. If we see even the slightest danger to ourselves, they will immediately be destroyed. They will be destroyed right on the spot. They know it. For this, we have both strength and will. The fist is in place,” President Aliyev added.