Receipt of electronic documents for the transfer of students has been completed in Azerbaijan.

Report informs that that the transfer of students from higher education institutions across the country or abroad, or transfer from one specialty to another, as well as transfer of students from secondary specialized educational institutions to undergraduate students is possible through the portal.

The portal, created by the Ministry of Education, aims to simplify the transfer process of students and to ensure transparency.

Transfer of students is carried out during the winter and summer holidays with the consent of the Ministry of Education. In the admission exams held by the State Examination Center, the score that the student collects must not be less than the minimum pass scores on the relevant specialty in the higher education institution, where he/she wants to be transferred, in the year of acceptance. Also, the qualifications required for the student to be admitted and transferred must be within the same qualification group as defined by the State Examination Center.

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According to the rules, students from non-accredited higher education institutions abroad and extramural students from other countries are not allowed to transfer. In addition, it is also taken into account whether the university is ranked among the top universities of the world. Those who are transferred from one higher education institution to another, change their specialty and restored as students continue their education only on a paid basis (with the exception of the transfer within the same specialty on the state order).