The next meeting of the Working Group on Energy Supply of the Interdepartmental Center under the Coordinating Headquarters established for the centralized settlement of issues in the liberated territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held in the video conference format, Report informs.

The meeting participants discussed issues related to the implementation by the Working Group of the tasks and instructions arising from the September 16 meeting of the Coordination Headquarters established by order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the centralized settlement of issues in the liberated territories on November 24, 2020.

During the previous meeting of the Working Group, the implementation of measures arising from the restoration of energy infrastructure in the liberated territories, the work done to implement the decisions taken were considered, and the next steps were identified. The members of the Working Group discussed the construction of transmission and distribution lines, construction of substations, design of gas transportation systems in certain areas, heat supply, etc. They also answered related questions.

Discussions were held on the supply of electricity and heat to strategic facilities in Shusha. The work done to build electricity infrastructure was noted. They also underlined that the construction of power substations is underway and added that the supply of electricity is of particular importance among infrastructure projects, given that most of the boilers that form the basis of the heating supply system will run on electricity. On September 1, 2021, the work done on the supply of electricity and heat to strategic facilities in Shusha was inspected on-site, a presentation was made on the results of monitoring, information was provided on the work done in the neighborhood and building heating systems.

The meeting participants discussed the work done to continue the construction of Khudafarin and Maiden Tower hydropower plants, which will allow Azerbaijan and Iran to share water and energy resources of the Araz River in the Jabrayil district, and the future operation of the stations.

They exchanged views on other topical issues arising from the activities of the Working Group, and recommended increasing the effectiveness of coordination between the working groups and giving priority to the practice of holding joint meetings if necessary.