“Azerbaijani athletes should hide their key tricks during training sessions abroad. In general, it is too risky to have training sessions in a foreign country in the modern world,” by Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport Ismayil Ismayilov said. Report informs that, according to Ismayilov, some countries purposefully invite Azerbaijani national teams to participate in the trainings on traditional sport: “Because they collect information about our athletes, and view their physical and psychological condition. Even they may secretly perform test or expose them to doping. Our judoka Nijat Shikhalizadeh was a victim of such trainings in Belarus and was disqualified for a long time. All national federations are rivals. No one thinks about helping each other. Why are our national teams invited to the trainings sessions on our traditional sport? Of course, for the mentioned reasons. We would also like to talk about this issue with our federations. The organism of our athletes is adapted to climate and food in Azerbaijan. Change, weight gain, loss of power are observed as they travel abroad.”