The damage caused to our monuments as a result of the Armenian aggression has always been the focus of ICESCO, Minister of Culture Anar Karimov, according to Trend.

Karimov made the speech at a briefing at ADA University on Jan. 14.

According to the minister, the delegation headed by ICESCO Director-General Salim al-Malik has been on a visit to Azerbaijan for several days.

“This is the first visit of the delegation of the organization to our country after the Patriotic War,” he said.

“We consider this visit to be very significant. It pursues two main goals: the first is to strengthen cooperation between the ICESCO and Azerbaijan, the second is to visit and express an opinion about our cultural and historical monuments in the territories liberated from the Armenian occupation,” Karimov said.

The minister added that during the 44-day war, ICESCO again proved that it is a reliable partner of Azerbaijan.