Cyprus opens borders and airports to tourists from all countries on March 1, Report informs with reference to RIA Novosti.

Arriving foreigners will have to provide a negative coronavirus test result. Moreover, guests from the “red” zone will have to get tested once more upon arrival.

Tourists will be able to visit Cyprus bypassing quarantine restrictions if they do not test positive for COVID-19 upon arrival, the Cypriot Deputy Tourism Minister Savvas Perdios said.

According to him, the Cypriot authorities will lift the ban on the entry of citizens from 56 countries. They will be divided into the following categories: EU member states; states of the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein); third countries indicated in the document with the recommendations of the EU Council (dated June 30, 2020, on the temporary limitation of non-essential travel to the EU and the possible lifting of such a limit); the UK, Russia, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

The government official stressed that each of these countries will be marked with colors in accordance with the epidemiological situation. Tourists from the “green” zone will not need to take a COVID test upon arrival. Guests arriving from “orange” countries will be required to provide a negative test result before boarding the aircraft. Travelers from the “red” zone will need to be tested both before departure and in Cyprus.