The Covid-19 pandemic is developing on the Italian scenario in the Netherlands due to the rapid spread of the virus and increased mortality rates. But the government is still hesitating about whether to apply strict quarantine, close schools, and stores.

According to an MK correspondent, reporting from the Land of Tulips, toilet paper is still inexplicably popular here.

There is no canine fodder on sale. Probably, people are buying them out to eat later, when there is nothing to it at all? Very cheap products form the trending so far.

I am in the risk group due to disability, but they pay me no benefits. Just said: “Stay home!”

I have a sore throat and fever, but I understand that this is likely due to the panic that I am going through now.

A few days ago, the Dutch premier came forth with a brilliant idea to follow Britain’s example: really, why don’t we all, the healthy and sick, the young and the aged, contract this virus to form a ‘herd immunity’? But the doctors did not approve his plans, since, according to them, building an immunity would take several decades. Some believe in the theory that the authorities plan to terminate the ‘useless’ aged population.

Two private hospitals recently went bankrupt and shut down, now they are trying to form somewhat of clinics from hotels, but cannot ensure any proper level of medical service. By the way, family doctors receive their patients in protective suits and masks, adding color to the local exterior.

Some doctors cancel appointments by phone, even those who must treat them at home. Others consult by skype – better than nothing. There are no volunteers, like in some other countries. Nobody helps anyone for nothing.

I recently read an ad in a newspaper, saying a man with a disability would pay EUR 3,000 to anyone ready to spend a quarantine with him.

Many websites are selling masks, but they are swindlers. There are no masks anywhere.

And one of the recent news: Holland recalled its military from Iraq and Afghanistan. A local insurance firm on transport means offered helicopters to fly those infected. Designated outlets are raising awareness in several languages, including in sign language, recommending what to do if you have the first symptoms of infection.

Our streets resemble somewhat of a horror movie – no cars, no people, no public transport, and even postmen are working just because they were promised an increase in salary. Almost all shops are closed, pupils are in quarantine, struggling with their parents in order not to do their homework, and parents going crazy, unable to cope with the fierce energy of their offsprings. Police report increasing violence against children these days.

Final exams are canceled, and all pupils will get their marks based on the previous ones.

Local entrepreneurs, having lost their incomes, demand compensation from the government. Bigger companies have airbags, but small ones do not have them since the insurance policy does not envisage such a force majeure. No one could imagine that this would happen to us. I think the state lacks resources to compensate for such significant financial losses.