The death toll from the novel coronavirus is increasing in countries outside China.

As of February 22, the number of people infected with COVID-9 coronavirus reached 1,479, with an increase of 228 cases during the last day, Report informs, citing Interfax.

According to Chinese media, the number of coronavirus victims rose from 11 to 15. Four deaths were recorded in Iran, three in Japan, two in Hong Kong, and South Korea. France, Italy, Taiwan, and the Philippines each had one fatality.

Japan reported the highest incidence of coronavirus infection (over 700 people). Of this figure, more than 600 are passengers and crew on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined in Yokohama.

South Korea recorded 142 new cases of infection, taking the total number of coronavirus patients to 346.

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Singapore registered 86 confirmed cases of coronavirus, Hong Kong 69, Thailand 35, Taiwan 26, Malaysia 22, Iran 18, Australia 17, Germany, Vietnam, and the USA 16 each, France 12, Macau 10. The United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Canada, the Philippines, India, Italy, Iran, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Cambodia, Egypt, Finland, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Sweden each reported less than 10 cases.