Climate changes and their risks are among the topics which are mostly discussed along with political and economic problems. This issue was also discussed at the international conference on ‘Climate changes and role of Paris agreement in environment’ hosted in Baku in late November. Representatives of oil and gas companies spoke about measures they take, as well as plans and commitments for reduction of gases creating a heat effect in the atmosphere.

Environmental protection is beyond any border. This is a common duty of everyone. Individual approach to environmental protection is important. One of the ways to fight climate change is to reduce demand for energy in houses, take measures to save energy, increase energy effectiveness. In many western countries, including US, many people live in houses with no greenhouse gases emission and energy costs. Even special settlements are constructed to produce as much energy as needed. Such residential places contribute to reduction in carbon emissions.

Energy-saving houses emitting zero carbon

One such settlement is the Whisper Valley project, near the airport, east of Austin, Texas, US. Phase 1 of the settlement was opened in 2017. Implemented by Taurus Investment Holdings, the project is considered the biggest green community in the US. It is estimated at $2 billion. There will be 7,500 houses in the community. Everything in the settlement is green. The houses have been provided with geothermal heating and cooling pumps, equipment with energy effectiveness, smart and energy-saving devices. House roofs are supplied with solar panels, and the interior is equipped with energy-saving electrical devices. All these supplies allow energy consumption to be saved by 65%. Living in the settlement is cheaper, because here people spend thousands of dollars less than elsewhere in Austin.

Prices for houses range from $200,000 to $400,000 with prices of household things and solar panels making $25,000 to $30,000. Nearly $10,000 can be saved from low energy tariffs. Nearly $100,000 is reported to have been saved during the exploitation of the house. Home-owners enjoy federal tax credit in the amount of $7-10,000 over solar panels and heating systems.

Experts say such projects can be implemented in Azerbaijan too and encouraging steps should be taken. Moreover, renewable energy potential also makes it possible.