On the night of May 28, Russia launched another massive air raid on the territory of Ukraine. The attack, in particular, using Iranian-made Shahed drones, targeted Ukrainian territories outside the zone of active hostilities, including the capital Kyiv.

Yuriy Ignat, a representative of the Ukrainian Air Force Command, told Report’s East European Bureau correspondent that the attack was the biggest since the start of the war.

“In just one night, 54 Iranian-made drones attacked the entire territory of Ukraine. The raid lasted from May 27, 23:00 until May 28, 05:00. The attack was carried out from the north and south of the country. Our air defense forces destroyed 52 of the 54 drones. Most of them were destroyed in Kyiv. From here it is clear that the capital Kyiv was the enemy’s main target. Our air defense has done a great job. This shows that we can prevent such attacks with the help of the means provided to us by the West,” Ignat specified.

He also stressed that Iran continues to supply drones to Russia.

“Iran continues to support the invaders. A similar massive attack was carried out on the last New Year’s Eve. At that time 46 drones were involved. Today’s attack was a record for the number of drones used. Although our air defense system is improving day by day, sometimes enemy drones harm our civilians. Therefore, the world community should step up pressure on Iran to stop supplying terrorists,” Ignat added.

The Kyiv city military administration spoke about the consequences of a night attack by drones.

“The enemy decided to ‘congratulate’ the people of Kyiv on May 28 – City Day with the 14th air attack during May. This was the largest attack using Iranian-made Shahed drones since the beginning of the war. The air defense forces of Ukraine destroyed more than 40 enemy drones. But there were also casualties among our civilians in the capital. A 41-year-old civilian was killed in the Holosiivskyi District. Several people were injured and hospitalized. This happened as parts of drones neutralized in the air fell on residential buildings. In addition to residential buildings, damage was also caused to the building of the shopping center, where a fire broke out on the roof,” the Kyiv City Military Administration noted.