The ADA University is hosting a conference “Striving for Excellence in English Language Teaching,” Report informs.

US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Earle Litzenberger and Director of the Institute of Education (ARIE) Rufat Azizov are taking part in it.

Ambassador Litzenberger said that improving English proficiency will help more Azerbaijanis participate in the diversification of their country’s economy, be able to communicate with 1.4 billion English-speaking people in the world, and also enjoy Hollywood films in the original language, read books and newspapers in the most common language of our planet.

In turn, Rufat Azizov added that the curricula for teaching English in secondary schools in Azerbaijan are being updated. ARIE has studied country experiences to update curricula and textbooks, and new approaches to teaching English will include identifying long-term professional development needs for teachers.

Dr. Fariz Ismayilzadeh, vice-rector of ADA University, also spoke at the conference, and noted that raising the professional level of teachers is another area of the university’s activity.