The Azerbaijani community of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan has issued a statement.

According to Report, the statement said:

“Armenia, which does not hide its occupant nature, and the illegal regime in Nagorno Karabakh have recently been pursuing the policy of Armenization under the guise of ‘restoration’ of historical and cultural monuments in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Some time ago, the regime ‘restored’ the Yukhari Govkhar aga mosque in Shusha, a pearl of Nagorno-Karabakh architecture, calling it ‘a center of Persian culture.’ And now, they are planning to ‘restore’ the Shusha fortress, established by the founder of the Karabakh khanate Panakhali khan Javanshir in the 18th century. Reports in media would make it clear that the monuments in Agdere and Lachin regions, belonging to the Azerbaijani people, are doomed to the same fate.

As is known, thousands of our cultural, historical, religious monuments in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan suffered from Armenian aggression. Part of these monuments was terminated entirely, and the rest fell into disrepair.

After occupying Azerbaijani lands, perpetrating genocide against the Azerbaijani people, expelling hundreds of thousands of civilians from their native lands, Armenia started terminating the historical monuments in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. To conceal the traces of crimes, Armenia holds fake ‘repair and restoration works.’

The vile intentions behind Armenia’s plans to ‘restore’ these monuments should make international organizations ponder over it since the continuation of this tendency poses a threat to the global cultural and historical heritage. Our ancestors erected all the monuments in occupied Azerbaijani lands. After the Armenian occupation ends and we return to our territories, our main task will be to restore these monuments, the legacy of our ancestors, to their original appearance.

All actions taken by Armenia are contrary to this country’s commitments in UNESCO and, all the same, are the country’s attempts to conceal its cunning nature, to mislead the international community, and give its acts of vandalism a culturally civilian appearance.”