“There is no problem on obtaining statistical information from any state agency,” Chairman of the State Statistical Committee Tahir Budagov told Report.

According to him, the legislation envisages penalties from 300 to 500 AZN on individuals and legal entities for delays or distortion of statistical data. “Therefore, there is no problem to obtain data in this field.”

Noting that Azerbaijan is one of the most advanced countries in the production of statistical data, Budagov added that such information is published even after two years in other developed countries: “So information in our country is not delayed. Even the period of socializing the information is implemented in shorter time compared to the most developed countries.”

The chairman of the committee also clarified the allegations that statistical indicators do not reflect the realities of the day. He noted that such approaches exist all over the world.

Budagov emphasized that the statistical literacy of people should be increased in order to build confidence in statistical data: “Everyone compares the statistical figure with the figures in his life. When we disclose the average monthly wage, person who has AZN 250 salary for a month expresses his compliance. However that person does not take into account that statistics is a compilation of average indicators across the country. “