Cold coffee with milk or cream added can be harmful to health, nutritionist, gastroenterologist, culinary blogger Nuria Dianova said, Report informs via RIA Novosti.

The specialist noted that various microorganisms begin to develop over time in any drink at room temperature. Nothing will happen to black coffee in a couple of hours, but it is better not to leave coffee with milk or cream on the table or in the car for a long time.

“Moisture is the most optimal environment for the development of bacteria and microorganisms. If you add milk to coffee, the risk of microorganisms multiplying in it increases many times. So, it would be best if you drink it within an hour,” Dianova advised.

Black coffee can last longer, but it is better to keep it in the refrigerator when cold.

The nutritionist noted that any meal is stored at room temperature for up to two hours after cooking – then it needs to be removed to a cold place. According to the nutritionist, the golden rule is to prepare as much food and drinks as required, and then they will be of maximum benefit.

The specialist noted that freshly brewed coffee has a specific psychological effect on a person thanks to its characteristic aroma and taste.