Two activists from the environmental movement Just Stop Oil were arrested by police in Essex, Eastern England, after spray-painting two private jets with orange paint.

According to Report, the incident took place at Stansted Airport, which was chosen for the protest due to the recent landing of American pop star Taylor Swift’s private jet.

In a statement, one of the activists highlighted the stark contrast between the luxurious lives of billionaires and the harsh realities faced by millions of people worldwide.

“We live in two worlds. In one, billionaires bask in luxury and fly private jets, insulating themselves from the other world, where countless millions are subjected to unbearable living conditions,” she said.

The activist added, “Billionaires are not immune. The climate crisis will affect every one of us.”

This protest follows a similar action by Just Stop Oil activists in Wiltshire, South-West England, where they spray-painted the iconic Stonehenge monument with orange paint. The group aims to draw attention to their demands for the upcoming British government, which will be formed after the parliamentary elections on July 4. They are calling for a legally binding agreement to phase out fossil fuels by 2030.