Armenian armed forces continue to shell the city of Tartar, Report’s correspondent sent to the frontline told Report.

On October 1, at about 8:30, two of the enemy’s artillery shells hit the Tartar city bus terminal, damaging Yaver Sadigov’s Opel car.

Sadigov told Report that he was not in the car during the incident. “We were in a teahouse near the scene,” he said.

Notably, on October 1 at about 09:00, due to the heavy artillery shelling of the densely populated areas of Azerbaijan by the occupying country’s armed forces, Hasanov Zabil Mahammad, born in 1982, was killed by shrapnel fragments that hit the Tartar city bus station. The bus station was severely damaged.

Upon the fact, a criminal case has been initiated by Tartar Prosecutor’s Office under Article 120.2.1 (deliberate murder committed by the criminal community (organization)), Article 120.2.4 (intentional murder committed with unusual cruelty or in a publicly dangerous way), Article 120.2.12 (deliberate murder on the motive of national, racial, religious hatred or enmity), Article 100.2 (conducting aggressive war), and other articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.