Beijing understands that discussing a resolution to the Ukraine crisis is pointless without Russia taking part, Yury Ushakov says Aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Yuri Ushakov © Mikhail Metzel; RIA Novosti

Moscow appreciates Beijing’s balanced position on the Ukraine conflict and its presumed decision not to participate in the upcoming ‘peace conference’ in Switzerland next month, Russian Presidential Assistant for International Affairs Yury Ushakov told reporters on Tuesday.

The summit, scheduled to take place June 15-16 at the Burgenstock Resort near the city of Lucerne, is set to be centered on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s proposed roadmap towards resolving the conflict with Russia. More than 160 countries have been invited to take part, including members of the G7, G20, BRICS, and the EU. Russia, however, has not been invited to the talks.

Commenting on relations between Moscow and Beijing ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to China, Ushakov noted that the two countries have achieved a “high level” of bilateral relations.

The presidential aide stated that Moscow appreciates China’s position on the Ukraine conflict and its understanding that the issue cannot be solved unilaterally.

“The Chinese have an understanding that without Russia, discussing something in the Ukrainian context is, on the one hand counterproductive, and on the other hand makes no sense at all,” Ushakov said.

He applauded Beijing’s presumed decision to not take part in the upcoming Swiss summit, which Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has described as a “parody of negotiations.”

“We appreciate the wise, balanced position of our Chinese partners regarding China’s non-participation in the international conference organized in Switzerland dedicated to the implementation of Zelensky’s ‘peace formula,’” Ushakov said.

Swiss summit on Ukraine a ‘parody’ – Lavrov Swiss summit on Ukraine a ‘parody’ – Lavrov

Switzerland has formally invited China to take part in the Ukraine summit next month, but Beijing has yet to officially confirm whether or not its delegation will attend.

China has repeatedly stressed that any discussions on a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine conflict must inevitably involve Russia.

At the same time, Beijing has been promoting its own peace formula for Ukraine consisting of 12 points, including the cessation of hostilities, a demand for compliance with international law and the UN Charter, the rejection of the Cold War mentality, and mutual respect for national security concerns.

Russia has welcomed China’s proposed roadmap and has stressed that it remains open to dialogue as long as the Ukrainian side acknowledges the “new realities on the ground.”

Zelensky has dismissed Beijing’s peace formula as “unrealizable” because it does not demand a retreat of Russian forces from territories Kiev claims as its own. (RT)