Covid-19 curbs have reached the top of the world, with China saying it will create “a line of separation” at the summit of Mount Everest to prevent contact between Chinese climbers and those ascending from coronavirus-hit Nepal.

Located at an altitude of 8,849 meters (29,032 ft), the summit of the world’s tallest mountain is a small snow-covered area, which can fit barely half a dozen climbers and guides at any one time. But it seems that it’s about to get even tighter up there.

A special “separation line” will be established at the top of Everest as a precaution against the coronavirus, the head of Tibet’s Sports Bureau Nyima Tsering told the Xinhua news agency on Sunday.

Its purpose will be to prevent climbers ascending from the Tibetan and Nepalese sides of the mountain from getting together and passing on the infection. “Except the top of the mountain, the climbers have no other chance to meet up during the climb,” Tsering pointed out. (RT)