Washington continues to harbor a “Cold War mentality,” according to Beijing China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. © Getty Images / picture alliance

US policies are directly responsible for the Ukraine crisis, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Friday, reacting to the latest accusations from Washington of Beijing’s supposed complicity in the conflict.

On Thursday, US State Department spokesman Vedant Patel claimed that China can’t enjoy strong relations with Europe and the collective West while “continuing to fuel the biggest threat to European security” by “fueling Russia’s defense-industrial base.”

In turn, Wang urged the US to “stop shifting the blame on China [and] not try to drive a wedge between China and Europe.”

“This is a reflection of the Cold War mentality that still dominates US thinking, which bears unshirkable responsibility for the eruption and escalation of the Ukraine crisis,” he stated. The spokesman argued that Washington is clearly “looking for enemies instead of seeking peace” in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

He further urged US authorities to stop “fueling the flame” with unfounded accusations and instead “start making real contribution to finding a political solution” to the crisis.

“China is not the creator of or a party to the Ukraine Crisis. We have been on the side of peace and dialogue and committed to promoting peace talks. We actively support putting in place a balanced, effective and sustainable European security architecture,” Wang stated.

Russia-China ties not a threat to other nations – Putin Russia-China ties not a threat to other nations – Putin

Beijing has maintained a policy of neutrality on the Ukraine conflict and has rejected Western pressure to place sanctions on Russia, instead continuing to bolster economic ties with Moscow and expanding mutual trade. Consequently, Washington and its NATO allies have accused China of fueling Russia’s military effort by supporting its weapons manufacturing through the sale of dual-use components. The US has repeatedly threatened to place more sanctions on China if it does not stop these exports.

China staunchly denies the allegations, with officials repeatedly stating that the country is not selling weapons to either Russia or Ukraine. In an earlier statement, Wang accused the US of hypocrisy for providing billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine while “unreasonably” criticizing the “normal” trade and economic relations between Russia and China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently on an official visit in China, where he has met with President Xi Jinping. In a joint statement on Thursday, the two leaders expressed firm commitment to continue bolstering ties between their respective countries. They also reiterated their stance on the Ukraine conflict, stating that it “must be resolved by political means.” (RT)