Mail from Canada has been declared a suspected source of an Omicron infection case in Beijing by the Chinese authorities FILE PHOTO. © Global Look Press / Xinhua / Zhan Yan

Covid-19 infections are typically associated with personal contacts since health specialists around the world believe the virus mainly spreads when infected people breath, cough, or sneeze. China’s health authorities, however, have recently claimed that an Omicron strain survived a long trip from Canada to China in a mail shipment of documents that eventually caused an infection in a Chinese citizen.

A Chinese patient was diagnosed with an Omicron infection last Saturday – the first such case in the Chinese capital of Beijing. The “possibility” that the infection came as a result of the person in question having contact with the mail “cannot be ruled out,” Chinese media reported, citing Pang Xinghuo, the deputy director of Beijing’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The patient received the package from Canada last Tuesday and testing results showed that the Omicron strain was present on its outer and inside surfaces, as well as the documents contained within. The patient only contacted the front page of the document and the outer package, Chinese media added. (RT)