Chile condemns Russian aggression against Ukraine and plans to join humanitarian demining after the end of the war, Chilean President Gabriel Boric said at the Peace Summit in Switzerland on Saturday, June 15, according to an Ukrinform correspondent, Report informs.

He said that Chile had constantly condemned Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. Chile is committed to the principle of respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity and calls for respect for these principles, human rights and international law, which should be the basis for sustainable peace, he said.

“We strongly oppose the use of force and the threat of such use and believe that diplomacy and international law are the only legitimate tools for resolving disputes,” Boric said.

He welcomed the idea of working out a joint declaration following the summit, which would mean some commitment to make efforts to reduce the major risks and effects of war at this stage. Boric emphasized the importance of protecting Ukrainian nuclear power plants, which are “the key to future international well-being” and added that the possibility of using nuclear weapons must be ruled out.

“We should be able […] to bring Russia to the negotiating table,” Boric said.

He noted that Chile, a “small country in the south of the world”, distant from Ukraine territorially, is participating in this summit because it believes that only respect for international law and human rights can guarantee peace.