Mineral water, which is popular in summer, can be harmful to human health, Russian nutritionist Sergey Oblozhko said in an interview with Sputnik Radio, Report informs.

“A violation of the water-electrolyte balance is possible in the human body during the summer heat. You can restore the balance with the help of mineral water, but not every mineral water is suitable for this, the specialist said.

The nutritionist noted that usually mineral waters are divided into the table and medicinal (treatment-and-prophylactic). The latter should be consumed on the recommendation of a specialist and only in certain doses, otherwise, instead of benefit, it will bring harm.

“Medicinal waters should be consumed only on a doctor’s advice. It is an important point since mineral waters can be very different. Some minerals can harm the intestines, loosen the stool, or cause water-electrolyte imbalance,” said Sergey Oblozhko.