The French government’s approach does not bode well for global consensus, reads the address of Dominique Fochi, Secretary General of the Caledonian Union (UC), Report informs.

“The Caledonian Union (UC) regrets the clashes. However, the mandatory adoption of a constitutional bill to grant voting rights to indigenous people and residents who have lived in the country for more than ten years without any local consensus is a provocation by the French government, which supports a powder keg in solving the Caledonian problem. Loyalist and Unionist leaders are undermining social peace in the country by making online statements supporting the central government to force the adoption of a constitutional bill and attempting to overturn the Noumea Accord by showing their willingness to introduce an amendment designed to change their representation. Under these circumstances, the Caledonian Union suspends all discussions with the representatives of Loyalists and Unions on the institutional future until further notice, as the president of the Southern Province and others continue to support the policy of opening the French electoral body without any local consensus. As a result, they constantly show genuine hatred towards the independents, whom they accuse of being the root cause of all the country’s problems, and launch attacks on the UC president, against whom they complain.”