“We studied different countries’ experience in the reconstruction of liberated Karabakh, and think that the most relevant experience for us will be the Turkish model. We came to this conclusion considering the neighboring country’s achievements in the construction sector over the past 20 years. ”

Head of the Department of Construction, Urban Planning and Utilities of the Cabinet of Ministers, Feyruz Mustafayev, told Anadolu Agency, Report quotes.

According to him, a meeting was held with the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Development. “The customer sets the minimum price in construction tenders in Turkey. We will apply the same system. Until now, foreign companies in Azerbaijan have been experiencing difficulties and bureaucratic obstacles in this issue. So, the process has been protracted. Now, it will be easier. “Turkish or other foreign companies can prepare tender conditions here, just as they participated in the tender in Turkey,” Mustafayev stated.