A building where Azerbaijani prisoners and hostages were kept was discovered in the liberated Malibeyli village of Khojaly district (administrative-territorial unit of Shusha district until December 2023), Report informs.

Before the occupation in 1992, there was an ancient water mill and its auxiliary building on the bank of the Aghvan River, passing through the territory of the settlement.

During the occupation, the separatists turned the place into an illegal storage place for Azerbaijani prisoners and hostages. For this purpose, iron bars were put on the doors and windows of the auxiliary building of the mill, and thick concrete was poured on them. At the same time, they placed iron partitions inside and made it into a cage. In addition, they created a separate room for those who had control over prisoners and hostages.

Traces found in the building give serious grounds for saying that Azerbaijani prisoners were kept and tortured there.