British MPs will now get the chance to vote on embattled Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal in January, according to a parliamentary schedule published by leader of the House Andrea Leadsom.

The rescheduling comes after May, fearing defeat, performed a last minute U-turn, pulling a parliamentary vote on the deal which had been scheduled for Tuesday.

After backtracking, May unofficially promised to hold the vote by January 21. The month of the vote, January, although not the exact date, has now been confirmed by Leadsom.

By delaying, May hopes to garner more concessions from the European Union in an attempt to make her unpopular deal more attractive to MPs.

The PM visited European capitals on Tuesday, achieving no notable concessions from German Chancellor Angela Merkel or Mark Rutte, her Dutch counterpart.

May was then forced back to London on Wednesday, cancelling a planned trip to Dublin, when rebel Tory MPs triggered a no-confidence vote in her leadership. The PM won the subsequent vote, albeit unconvincingly, with a 200-117 margin. (RT)