BP has presented the Azerbaijani translation of the next set of five selected textbooks widely used by international universities, Report informs.

This is part of bp’s major educational project aimed at providing the local universities with access to the best of international educational resources, knowledge and expertise. The project is currently ongoing with five more books being translated and with plans for presenting them next year.

An event was held today at the M.F. Akhundov National Library to publicly present the new editions. Addressing the event Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli, bp’s vice president for the Caspian region, said: “The five books we are presenting today represent a valuable addition to the list of the 19 best international textbooks we have brought to Azerbaijan to date. As the books have been carefully selected and recommended by the teaching staff of local universities, we believe they all are highly needed and most required textbooks in Azerbaijan. Given that globally these textbooks are published by the most reputable publishers specializing in higher education, providing our universities with direct access to these books is a tremendous help to the teaching staff and students. And we remain committed to continue this help.”

The list of the newly-presented books includes:

  1. Marketing Strategy: Based on First Principles and Data Analytics by Robert W. Palmatier, Shrihari Sridhar

Publisher: Red Globe Press, 2021, 2nd edition

  1. Digital Marketing by Ellis-Chadwick

Publisher: Pearson, 2019, 7th edition

  1. Economic Policy: Theory and Practice by Quere, B. & Coeure.

Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2019, 15th edition

  1. Principles of Information Security by Whitman, M.

Publisher: Cengage Learning, 2021, 7th edition

  1. Next. A Brief History of the Future by Jorisch A.

Publisher: Gefen, 2022

The publications are bp’s gift to local universities, libraries and relevant academic institutions. In addition to 2,000 printed copies of each textbook, the digital version of the editions is also available from the online platforms of the local publisher – TEAS PRESS NƏŞRİYYAT EVİ.

The total cost of the textbooks publication project is more than 2.14 million manats (more than $1.26 million) and this includes the cost of the 19 previous publications, five books presented today and five textbooks to be presented next year – 29 textbooks in total.