Azerbaijan’s National Museum of History has hosted a presentation of a book about geologist Witold Zglenicki, who was also called the Polish Nobel, in Azerbaijani and English, Report informs.

Andrzej Hobunski’s book tells about the life of this Polish geologist and inventor, who made a huge contribution to the creation of the oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Satarov, an employee of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, who translated the book into Azerbaijani language, telling about the activities of the outstanding Pole known as the “father of Baku oil.” The life and achievements of Zglenicki are known only to a narrow group of specialists related to geology and mining or mining. He was also an active member of the Polish community in Baku and an important figure in Polish-Azerbaijani relations,” said Polish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Rafal Poborski.