Binding phase for expanding the capacity of the Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB), which transports Azerbaijani natural gas to Bulgaria, commencing, Report informs with reference to ICGB.

The independent transmission system operator ICGB invites all interested parties to submit their registration documents by the 24th of June 2024 and binding bids later at the bid submission window between 2nd and 12th of July 2024.

All following steps of the binding phase will continue in the following months, with results expected in September 2024.

As part of the Vertical Gas Corridor initiative, uniting the TSOs of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova and Slovakia, ICGB’s efforts are focused on enabling increased capacity options for natural gas deliveries to Central and Southeastern Europe, as well as Ukraine and Moldova.

Currently operating at 3 bcm/y, the interconnector between Greece and Bulgaria can be upgraded to 5 bcm/y upon successful completion of the respective procedure.

Fostering stronger collaboration on utilizing the existing natural gas infrastructure, expansion initiatives under the Vertical Gas Corridor will ensure increased energy connectivity and ability to import larger quantities of natural gas from diverse sources to meet the consumption needs of the European markets. IGB’s key role as an entryway for gas deliveries from diversified sources is of significant importance for the wider region, and an expansion will allow for improved market access to LNG as well.

The total length of the gas pipeline is 182 km, the diameter of the pipe – 32 – and a design capacity of up to 3 billion m3/year in the direction Greece – Bulgaria.