The activities of the Baku Initiative Group (BIG) continue to raise awareness of the world community about the real situation in the colonized regions, according to a video message from BIG Executive Director Abbas Abbasov to the participants of the conference, which is being held at the UN headquarters in New York as part of the annual meeting of the special Committee C24, created in connection with the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, Report informs.

“Our organization will continue to support actions to preserve the core values of equality and justice. We firmly believe that we will make a significant contribution to the eradication of colonialism through the promotion and protection of human rights,” he said.

Abbasov noted that the Baku Initiative Group held several international events where the political, economic and cultural consequences of colonialism and human rights violations in colonized territories were discussed.

“The recent violations of fundamental human rights in New Caledonia by the French government are further proof that the French government does not show the political will to implement UN General Assembly resolutions on decolonization,” he stressed.

“We express our full solidarity with the Kanaky people and support their just struggle against the expansion of the electorate, and also demand the cancellation of the amendments proposed by the French authorities,” the executive director of BIG added.

“The right to self-determination is fundamental for every people. Despite any pressure, the Baku Initiative Group will continue to support the just struggle of the colonized territories for their independence,” he said.

“Our organization is preparing to host the congress of the independence movement in the city of Baku. We will be glad to see each of you at this honorable event,” he added.