Biden will sign ten executive orders to fight the pandemic, including ordering the use of disaster funds to help re-open schools and mandating the wearing of protective masks on planes and buses, Reports informs via Reuters.

Biden, who officially took office on January 20, declared the fight against the pandemic as the top priority of his administration for the near future. The reasons are the high number of infected people and the steadily increasing number of COVID-related deaths. According to his inner circle, the president intends to demonstrate the effectiveness of the authorities’ actions and thereby emphasize the fundamental difference between his attitude to the issue and his predecessor Donald Trump’s approach.

Biden, as previously reported, intends over the next 100 days to tighten control over observance of the mask regime and social distancing measures in all federal institutions, to intensify the campaign to vaccinate the population against COVID-19, as well as to take other medical and social steps to counter the pandemic.