US President Joe Biden’s current health condition allows him to execute his duties of the presidency, according to Kevin O’Connor, Physician to the President, according to TASS.

“President Biden is a healthy, active, robust 81-year-old male, who remains fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander in Chief,” he wrote in Biden’s current health summary after a detailed physical examination.

According to O’Connor, the medical examination revealed no new illnesses. “The President feels well and this year’s physical identified no new concerns. He continues to be fit for duty and fully executes all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations,” the document reads.

Biden, who represents the Democratic Party, is seeking reelection to his second term in office. He is the oldest president in the United States’ entire history. Both Republicans and Democrats are debating whether he should run for president again. Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, is also taking part in the election campaign and is believed to be Biden’s rival from the Republican Party at the November 5 election.