Joe Biden has made his first joint appearance with running mate Kamala Harris, centering focus on the need to give the boot to Donald Trump while touting the California senator as the first woman of color on a major party ticket.

Biden introduced Harris as his running mate at a campaign event in Delaware on Wednesday, calling her the “right person” for the job who “knows how to make the hard calls.” Reiterating the ‘stop Trump’ theme that’s dominated his election bid, Biden vowed to clean up “the mess that President Trump and Vice President Pence have created, both at home and abroad, through four years of mismanagement and coddling of terrorists and thugs around the world.”

The Democratic candidate said the country needs “a president and a vice president willing to lead and take responsibility” on the Covid-19 crisis, adding that a future Biden administration would develop “a comprehensive plan to meet the challenge” of the virus.

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Speaking after Biden, Harris took an even more aggressive line in prosecuting the Trump administration, also honing in on the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic. (RT)