The production of UAVs of the Bayraktar TB-3 and Kizilelma models will allow Türkiye to significantly expand its influence in the Mediterranean by increasing their range, head of the Baykar development company, Selcuk Bayraktar, said in an interview with Bloomberg, Report informs.

Baykar will soon start mass-producing at least one of two advanced drones that will take off from Türkiye’s newly-built mini aircraft carrier, the TCG Anadolu. At the same time, it’s seeking to expand its share in markets from Africa to Europe and Asia with existing TB2 and Akinci unmanned combat vehicles as well as the newly developed TB3 and Kizilelma.

The new drones will “revolutionize” Türkiye’s military influence from the Black Sea and the Caucasus to the eastern Mediterranean and the shores of North Africa, said Bayraktar. They will “enable Türkiye to conduct surveillance and pinpoint attacks over continents thanks to the increase in their flight time and operation radius.”

Baykar says it sells its flagship TB2 plane in 31 countries. While those sales were mostly to developing nations, it’s a jump from just two overseas buyers four years ago.