On the basis of the official partnership of “Reputation” and “Millionare Concept Network”, the Global Health Summit project will take place in Baku on October 29-30 at the Four Seasons Baku hotel. Since the event was organized for in Baku, the project gained great prestige and special appreciation.

The Global Health Awards will be presented as part of the program at the evening, which will be attended by brands and individuals from the medical and health sector.

Well-known doctors and medical representatives from Azerbaijan and the world will participate in the long-awaited night. The “Global Health Awards” will find their owners in the project that will be held at “Four Season Baku Hotel”. Well-known figures from the health sector of Germany, France, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkiye, Qatar and Iran will take part in the award night.

Among the speakers of the “Global Health Summit” presentation, the chairman of the board of the African Health Federation, Dr. Mohamed El Sahili, a well-known Turkish doctor and writer Dr. Ender Sarach, founder and head of Esthetic International Doctor B (Bulent Cihantimur), Meri Istiroti from the hospital board, Dr. Eyyub Celik, Luiza Sharahmetova, the founder of the Mediva clinic from Uzbekistan, Dr. Vera Matta from the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed Naji.

The main goal of the “Global Health Summit” project is to coordinate mutually the activities of local and foreign health representatives, expand cooperation and evaluate the services they provide.

The Health Exhibition will take place within the project. Health and medical brands will also be exhibited here.