Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry totally rejects a biased and unacceptable statement by Peter Stano, Spokesperson for foreign affairs and security policy of the European Union (EU) dated 29 May, 2024, about the human rights situation in Azerbaijan, Ministry’s Spokesperson Aykhan Hajizada said, according to Report.

“The rhetoric of the EU statement is full of blatant falsifications that are detached from reality about the human rights situation in Azerbaijan. People detained due to certain criminal investigation, such as illegal funding of certain activities, illegal financial transactions and etc. are subject to the requirements of the relevant laws on penal regimes. Instead of waiting for the results of criminal cases and investigations, as well as court rulings, call on Azerbaijan to release suspects is in open contradiction with legal procedures,” the ministry spokesman said.

Hajizada said that claims about deprivation of detained people of medical and other assistance have no grounds.

“All the people that the EU side refers to are subject to necessary assistance in the manner and to the extent specified by law. The groundless public demands of the EU to pardon certain individuals on the basis of political preferences of certain European governments and politicians cast doubt on Europe’s true commitment to the rule of law,” the spokesperson said.