A scientific-practical conference themed “Global peace: in the context of the harmony of science and religion” was held under the joint organization of Azerbaijan’s State Committee on Affairs with Religious Associations and the Baha’i Religious Center in Azerbaijan, Report informs.

The event was attended by the leadership of the Religious Committee, MPs, heads of religious communities, and others.

Ramazan Asgarli, secretary of the Baha’i Religious Center in Azerbaijan, stated that religion and science cannot be in conflict with each other:

“We are trying to overcome the conflict between science and religion. The intellectual history of the last few centuries bears witness to the conflict between these two concepts. Not all concepts related to religion and science are incompatible with each other. They need to be renewed. If science and religion are to be in harmony, then both science and religion must fulfill certain conditions”.

In particular, Sayavush Heydarov, the deputy chairman of the State Committee, noted that the harmony of religion and science is important for the future: “We should try to put the turbulent world in order.”