Chairperson of the State Committee for Family, Women, and Children Bahar Muradova met with the Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to Azerbaijan, Sami Asem Ghosheh, on January 21.

The committee told Report that Bahar Muradova expressed her gratitude for the meeting initiative and noted that cooperation between the two countries has historical roots.

The committee chairperson added that these relations were developing steadily and created opportunities for the further advancement of existing cooperation between the relevant agencies of the countries.

Informing about the historic victory of Azerbaijan, Muradova expressed hope that the position of both the Non-Aligned Movement and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation during the 44 days of the hostilities will continue in the post-war period. She expressed confidence that friendly relations will play an important role.

Expressing gratitude to the committee chairperson for the warm reception, Ambassador Sami Asem Ghosheh noted that the friendship between the two nations laid by National Leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev and Jordan’s leader, the late King Hussein further strengthened owing to the sincere brotherhood between head of the Azerbaijani state Ilham Aliyev and King of Jordan Abdullah bin Hussein II.

The diplomat stressed that friendly and fraternal relations between Azerbaijan and Jordan are based on common traditions and Islamic values and underlined the importance of developing cooperation between our countries in the issues of family, women, and children, just like in other areas. Citing the projects implemented by the committee in this field as an example, Ambassador Ghosheh stressed his country’s interest in holding joint events with Azerbaijan in the coming years.