“We should admit that it is impossible to achieve sustainable development without peace, at the same time, sustainable development should contribute to a fair peace. Azerbaijan constantly pursues initiatives to unite the international community and create new institutions in this direction,” First Deputy of the Chairman of the Milli Majlis Bahar Muradova said.

Report informs that she spoke at the XVI Baku International Conference of Ombudsmen held on the topic of “The role of Ombudsmen in achieving Fair Peace and Sustainable Development Goals.”

She said that Azerbaijan is a very convenient place for conducting and sharing such experiences: “Since this country becomes the place where issues on fighting for security are discussed and decisions are made in this direction.

Muradova recalled that that the ombudsmen assembled in Azerbaijan for the 16th time: “It gives an opportunity to investigate the problems, determine the role of the Ombudsman’s institution in solving these problems and share positive experiences. It’s no coincidence that these events are held in the Caucasus region. The Caucasus region is rich with conflicts, and three states of the region are in conflict situation. The unresolved conflicts and the lack of sustainable peace, the non-constructive position of one of the conflicting sides, and in particular the position of Armenia, which does not comply with any framework, did not allow to achieve lasting peace for our nation, state and people. Armenia’s non-constructive position remains a major threat to sustainable peace and co-existence. It is necessary to achieve solution of the problems by using existing institutions and creating a new one, if it is needed. “