The International Institute for Law and Development (ILDG) organized an exhibition dedicated to the mine threat in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan and missing persons during the Karabakh War in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva, Report informs, citing the State Committee on Work with Diasporas.

According to the information, slogans and hashtags, such as “Armenia, inform about missing Azerbaijanis!”, “Armenia continues to commit war crimes but does not provide maps of mined areas”, “Intensive mining of de-occupied areas poses a serious threat to people’s lives, health, and safety”, “Each mine explosion in the territories freed from occupation is another crime of Armenia!”, “For 30 years, Armenia has mined most of the previously occupied Azerbaijani territories. Therefore, clearing those areas from mines is our main duty today!”, “Peace”, “Lands without mines”, “Armenia’s military crimes”, and photos were demonstrated during the exhibition.

The event was organized on the eve of the last week of the 51st general discussion session of the UN Human Rights Council. Environmental and humanitarian problems caused by landmines will be brought up in this session. The aim is to reiterate that landmines are dangerous, cause a massive humanitarian disaster, prevent the safe return of IDPs to their native lands, and hinder the implementation of sustainable development goals.