Azerbaijani writer Rovshan Abdullaoglu was awarded with the gold medal of the “Readers’ Favorite” international book competition.

Rovshan Abdullaoglu was awarded for his national bestseller book, “The Man on the Rails” two years ago. However, the award ceremony was postponed due to the Coronavirus Global Pandemic and it was held between 18 – 19 November, 2022 in Miami, USA.

“Readers’ Favorite” is a highly rated international literary organization (A+ by the Best Business Bureau) which also reviews and awards books. It cooperates with famous linguists and well-known writers.

The ceremony was held at the same time as the annual Miami International Book Fair, and the representatives of different publishing houses participating in the exhibition also had the opportunity to take part at the ceremony.

Tohfa Aminova, the head of the Azerbaijani – American Cultural Association and Nabat Aminova, the head of the Azerbaijani – American Youth Organization, participated in the award ceremony as well. After the ceremony, the activists of Azerbaijani diaspora exchanged ideas with Rovshan Abdullaoglu on the implementation of projects in order to promote the country and culture in America.

It is worth noting that Rovshan Abdullaoglu is the author of 27 bestselling books. His works have been translated into English, Russian, Turkish and Arabic languages, and received positive reviews and awards from prestigious American International Literary Institutions.