The partnership between Azerbaijan and the United States is of special importance in implementing Azerbaijan’s energy security initiatives and delivering Caspian Sea oil and gas resources to global markets, Azerbaijani Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov said during the discussions organized by the Atlantic Council, one of the influential think tanks operating in the US, referring to the Azerbaijani Energy Ministry.

During the debates, hosted by the Director General of the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center, the Southern Gas Corridor’s vital role in ensuring Europe’s energy security was highlighted. Azerbaijan, the COP29 host, presented its policies on accelerating the energy transition at the national and global levels, decarbonization, methane emissions reduction, and climate finance, as well as the path for renewable energy development.

Shahbazov stated that Azerbaijan’s energy policy was designed from the start to have a strong relationship with the United States.

“Azerbaijan is presently taking significant measures toward becoming a renewable energy supplier and developing a green energy corridor for transportation to Europe,” the press service of the Ministry of Energy says.

Note that President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev’s policy, which prioritizes Azerbaijan’s development as a green growth country by 2030, has provided a significant push for the reform of the energy industry.

“Azerbaijan’s green agenda includes developing freed territories into green energy zones, implementing industrial-scale green energy projects with international energy firms, and participating in initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” the report says.


The Minister of Energy stressed the necessity of global solidarity in energy transition and financing to meet climate goals, and Azerbaijan will successfully lead worldwide efforts to accelerate the development of green energy and protect the environment.

The event was attended by Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to the United States, Khazar Ibrahim, Advisor to the US Deputy Secretary of State for Energy Diplomacy Laura Lockman, government officials on energy and climate issues, and representatives from international energy companies and organizations.