“There are a lot of things to do. We need to expand TANAP and TAP. We need to have unimpeded access to other European pipeline systems, including the trans-Balkan pipeline system. And there must be more interconnectors in Europe and it is going,” said the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, as he addressed the opening ceremony of the 28th International Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition (Caspian Oil & Gas) and the 11th Caspian International Power and Green Energy Exhibition (Caspian Power) within the framework of the Baku Energy Week at the Baku Expo Center, Report informs via AZERTAC.

“All these issues must be implemented in coordination because we have to undertake substantial investments. Therefore, of course, we must be sure that the gas – which we extract additionally and did not plan but decided to extract because of the growing need in Europe – will find its consumers. All that definitely will need continuation of the team work,” the head of state mentioned.