Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on Tuesday signed an order on the demobilization of a group of servicemen.

According to the order, a certain category of servicemen called up for military service in accordance with the order signed by the President of Azerbaijan on 28 September 2020 is to be demobilized from 2 December 2020:

– those who have three or more children;

– those who take care of a disabled person of the first degree;

– those who take care of a minor brother or sister;

– those who are the only child in the family;

– those whose fathers or brothers were killed or died in the course of hostilities, as well as in the performance of their military duties;

– those wounded in the course of hostilities, as well as those who are recognized by military medical commissions as unfit for military service in peacetime and considered to be of limited fitness in wartime;

– those whose close relatives were killed as a result of military provocations by the Republic of Armenia and shelling of the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;