“I have said this before, but I want to say again: our scientists and specialists should provide full information about our history’s correspondence to reality. We should not hide our past. We don’t need fake history. How many times did we come across a false narrative in Soviet times? Our heroes were presented as enemies, and the enemies of our people, bloodsuckers, as heroes. Twenty-six Baku commissars, this Armenian-Bolshevik bandit detachment, was presented as a group of heroes, whereas the patriots who fought with them were portrayed as enemies. Our generation knows what fake records are. Someone wants to create phony history again now. Once again, someone wants to wash away the guilt of certain deserters, traitors, and cowards. We cannot allow this. Everyone should know who sold the lands and who freed them from the occupation.”

President Ilham Aliyev made this statement on January 27 while receiving Aydin Karimov in a video format connected with the appointment of the President’s Special Representative in Shusha.